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Meet the Experts

Naturae Studio is here to help you but that can't be done by one person alone. Meet the people that turn ideas into realities.


Josh P


I'm the guy that started this whole thing so there's a good chance I'll be the one you talk to first. I love to get to know people because media is capturing a story. The better you know someone the more likely you can see their story as they see it.


Hoang P


Photography has been a passion of mine and I love to see the work that comes from Naturae Studio. When I'm not working I'm either trying to take some shots of my own or making sure this studio is using it's resources to the full extent of their ability.


Trinh N


I keep Naturae Studio focused on the mission and user experience.  I make sure that the project meets your expectations and needs before anything else.


Bret L

Productions Manager

I’m your typical everyday college student. Well sorta… I can be a crazy guy sometimes. I love adventure and everything about it. I love to travel and see the different crazy things in life. I love to sit back and look at God’s creation in amazement. I am a photographer some may say and I love video work. I follow my heart and do what’s fun and necessary.

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