Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge?

We don't. Naturae Studio is not a profit focused organization and it never has been. Don't expect this to change anytime soon. If you are feeling inclined you can donate to the studio to help cover overhead bills. At the end of the day all members of this organization are here to help you get your media made, not to make money.

How do you survive?

Each expert on our team has a job and contributes to the studio as a passion project.

I have an idea but don't have any experience making media, can you help?

Of course! For those that need help getting their concept to reality, Naturae Studio can assist from planning to production and all the way to post production.

How can we get the final product? How long do you retain media?

Depending on the project we have several ways we can give you the media when it's finished. The easiest is through our server. We give you a link to the server specifically for your project which will contain the finished project as well as all original media should you need it. All projects are saved forever but the links expire after 1 month. Should you need it again just contact us.

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